AnestasiA Vodka (commonly misspelled Anastasia Vodka) is a handcrafted, gluten-free spirit produced in Bend, Oregon from all-natural grain and pure spring water from the Cascade Mountains.

This world-class vodka is the Spirit of American Luxury. The snow-capped Cascade Mountains provide us with one of the world’s purest water sources. As water flows down through lava bed rivers, it gains essential minerals and is naturally purified.

Distilled 5x and filtered 5x through Quartz Crystal, AnestasiA Vodka™ is delightfully smooth, delicious, and naturally gluten-free.

Our glass bottle is made using recycled materials.

The Vodka

We use sweet white corn that comes from local farms growing approved varieties. The corn is then blended with sugars and yeasts that ferment. It is then distilled five times until a 190 proof distillate is yielded. With each distillation, more and more water is removed, raising the proof of the alcohol. From there, we blend it with water from Bend, Oregon. Once blended down to 80 proof, we filter the liquid five times through Quartz Crystal, which removes further impurities – or congeners – that cause hangovers. The result is fresh, easy-to-drink vodka with an exceptionally neutral quality. Quartz continues to form across the country, but we use a proprietary mix of agates from Arkansas.
The purity of the water we use comes from the rarely occurring lava bed rivers that flow throughout the region. The rivers are lined with mineral rock, so the water is filtered and purified without the typical high concentrations of calcium carbonate. The liquid only has 20-40 mg/L of CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate), resulting in a “very soft” water.

Because Bend has virtually no calcium carbonate in its water, it is uniquely sweet and pure. Much of the world’s water tests between 250-450 mg/L of CaCo3 while most of the water throughout the country registers around 300 mg/L of CaCO3.

The whole process, from the locally sourced grains to the naturally purified water, results in the perfect vodka, free from impurities, embodying the American artisanal expertise. Our crystalline decanter bottle encapsulates the rare essence of our distillation process.

The Bottle

The architectural glass bottle is multi-faceted and creates anticipation for the ultra-premium vodka it contains.

Designed by Karim Rashid, the result is stimulating – a crystalline decanter sculpture with a strong visual impact conveying timeless beauty, excitement and fun. The iconic bottle is manufactured using recycled materials.



Winner of the NYC Rising Star Award and a top NYC celebrity mixologist, Orson Salicetti welcomes AnestasiA Vodka with a new cocktail capturing botanical essences – check out this fabulous new cocktail

“With AnestasiA’s notes of sweet grain, vanilla orchid, and pepper clove, it adds a special touch to a classic Hemingway and would be the perfect way to welcome this season.” – Orson Salicetti

AnestasiA Hemingway

2 oz Anestasia vodka
1/2 of oz simple syrup
3/4 of oz fresh lime juice
1 1/2 oz grapefruit
5 dash of aromatic bitters
1/4 of oz of Luxardo maraschino
3 dash of absinthe or around 1/4 of oz
Shake with ice pour in martini glass
Garnish with mint